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4QuiteRSS Download is a convenient, simple application for reading news feeds RSS / Atom. Among the features that can be noted are QuiteRSS import and export channels (OPML-files), update the tape when running or scheduled, displays of the number of unread news, filter, ability to set custom filters, proxy support, and automatic update checking, multilingual interface, cross-platform, open source.

Main Updated Features:

  • Many men and women utilize RSS feed readers or aggregators, which automatically check for new site posts and notify consumers if they can find recent posts.
  • RSS feed subscribers are incredibly beneficial if you regularly see many websites.
  • RSS feed readers allow you to know about new content posted on your favorite sites immediately and let you read old posts offline.

The program has a built-in browser. Other significant alternatives worth mentioning are represented with the chance to filter out the feed’s date, unread, read, or starred things, perform search operations, visit the previous or next unread thing, and then delete the chosen news.

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Last but not least, you also can save information on the OPML file format, see a listing with unread, starred, or deleted feeds, then copy the URLs and report to the Clipboard, increase or reduce the font to your text messages, publish the data, export the data to HTML or text format, in addition to making the program remain along with different utilities. Once it comes to configuration settings, then you’re permitted to install network connections, define the browser, automatically upgrade feeds in Windows startup, add new tags into the record, play audio notifications (WAV) for incoming information, encrypt information by setting up passwords, besides, to utilize hotkeys, which may be reassigned.

Key Features:

  • Feed and Information filters: Brand New, unread, starred, deleted (for Information until Resume Program)
  • User Blockers
  • Proxy Setup: Manual or Automatic
  • Feed import wizard: Hunt URL if Website URL Has Been entered
  • Adblock
  • Click to Flash
  • Mark news starred
  • Automatic Upgrade feeds: on startup, by a timer.
  • Automated cleanup on Shut with Standards
  • Enable/Disable Pictures in the news Trailer
  • Capability to quickly Conceal feed Shrub (for comfortable Seeing)
  • Open feed or Information in Profile
  • Quick Information filter along with a Fast search in a browser
  • Sound notification on Fresh news
  • Popup notification on Fresh news
  • Show new or unread news counter Around the tray icon.
  • Reduce system Menu: start, on near, on Decrease
  • Import/Export feeds (OPML-files)

What’s New?

  • Feed and news filters: new, unread, elected.
  • Custom filter.
  • Proxy Configuration: automatic or manual.
  • Master of adding tape (the ability to use a link to the site – the master found the tape itself).
  • Built-in browser (WebKit core).
  • Ability to mark the news as a favorite.
  • Automatic check-in early and periodic tape.
  • Automatic cleaning according to the criteria of the cassette.
  • Turned off the startup image when he saw the news.
  • Rapid strip hides the wood (for the convenience of watching the news).
  • Opening ribbon or news on a separate tab.
  • Quick filter and search news in your browser.
  • Sound notification of new incoming news.


  • Notification of new incoming news.
  • The tray icon can display a new incoming message or the number of unread news, the number of new news.
  • Minimize to tray: at startup, minimizing, at closing.
  • Cassette Import / Export (OPML files).
  • Does not require installation (for Windows).
  • Freeing memory when minimized to tray (for Windows).
  • Shortcuts.
  • Check the updated program.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Open source.

QuiteRSS 0.19.4 window + MAC Full Version Free Download 2024

QuiteRSS is a simple-to-use program to help you monitor your RSS feeds’ most recent information. It’s relatively quick and comfy for the user. In addition, the program permits you to include as many RSS feed connections as possible.

Feed and information filters: brand new, unread, starred, deleted (for information until resume program), User blockers, Proxy

Configuration: manual or automatic, Feed import wizard: Lookup feed URL if website URL has been input, Embedded browser (WebKit center), Mark news starred, Automatic

Upgrade feeds: on startup, Though it packs many practical purposes, it features a fresh and multi-tabbed design that gives users a chance to add a new feed to this list by simply setting a valid URL and providing information concerning the username and password in the event the site requires authentication.

Moreover, it is possible to import data from XML or OPML file format, change to a complete screen mode, and produce a list with preferred feeds and tag feeds using various tabs (e.g., significant, work, private ).QuiteRSS enables you to discuss the information on various online social network services (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), start the chosen RSS feed with your default internet browser, or using the built-in browser, then mark the feeds as read or unread, and then upgrade the selected news or them all.


QuiteRSS proves to be a trusted program that comes bundled with an excellent package of features to assist you in reading the information in a new and intuitive environment. Nearly all people surf the Internet and see their favorite sites daily to learn about the latest news, tips-n-tricks, etc.

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